Our School

St John Bosco Primary School, built in 1972, is a bright, airy, one storey semi-open plan building. There is a large gym hall with steps to stage and separate dining area. The building is always well kept, clean and made attractive by the display of pupil work. We have ramps for wheelchair access at each of the entrance doors and fire doors. There is also two disabled toilets and a medical room.

We have a wide range of resources to enhance children’s learning and are well equipped to provide good learning experiences for our pupils in all curriculur areas.

All classrooms, including our nursery playrooms, have an interactive Smartboard which is used on a daily basis by staff and children.

Our Computing Suite houses twenty seven new desktop computers, a number of laptops and an interactive board for shared use. The school has internet access and e-mail which pupils experience as part of their learning. We also have programmable toys and a wide range of software.

Our newest development has been our Rainbow Garden, which has been painted on the wall of our Patio Garden in the centre of the school. Our children are encouraged to help in the care and maintenance of plants here and enjoy eating their packed lunches here when the weather is fair and warm.

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